What is a Buyer’s Market?

Originally published by Jay Polimeno on Nov 9th, 2007
A Buyer’s Market is just what the name implies, a market where the time and values are right to purchase real estate with a stronger benefit to risk ratio. Let’s face it, real estate has historically afforded great investment benefits over the long term, and we believe that is still the case.
The real estate market is susceptible to fluctuations and cycles, but what good investment isn’t? As part of that cycle, periods exist in the real estate market where values are better, inventory is higher, and interest rates are lower. The Economics 101 supply and demand curve that we learned about in High School has turned in the buyer’s favor, for the first time in many years. What that means to you is that the time may be right for you to buy that primary home or second home that you have been unable or unwilling to buy over the last few years.
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